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JAC Builders: Your Trusted Tampa Roofing Experts

Updated: Dec 19, 2023


Living in the Sunshine State of Florida means enjoying beautiful weather most of the year, but it also means being prepared for unpredictable storms. In Tampa Bay, having a reliable roofing company on your side isn't just convenient – it's absolutely essential. That's where we come in.

At JAC Builders, we're not just a roofing company; we're your neighbors, your friends, and a family-owned business deeply rooted in Odessa, Florida. With decades of experience in the roofing industry, we've built a reputation for excellence while becoming an integral part of Tampa Bay's family culture.

Building Trust from the Ground Up:

JAC Builders was born from the dedication of local roofers who understand Florida's ever-changing weather like no one else. With a wealth of experience, we know that trust is paramount when it comes to safeguarding homes from the elements. We've built our company on the principles of trust, reliability, and unwavering commitment to quality workmanship.

Community Commitment:

From day one, we've been committed to giving back to the Tampa Bay community that has welcomed us with open arms. Our dedication to community involvement goes beyond providing roofing services; we actively participate in local events, sponsorships, and initiatives that strengthen our bond with the people of Tampa Bay. By reinvesting in our community, JAC Builders demonstrates its commitment to making Tampa Bay an even better place to live.

Storm Restoration Services:

One of the things that sets us apart is our dedication to helping homeowners during their times of need. We understand the havoc that severe storms can wreak in Florida, and we're here to help. Our storm restoration services are not just prompt but also dependable. We recognize the urgency of these situations and work tirelessly to mitigate damage and restore homes to their former glory.

Beautiful Roofing Projects:

At JAC Builders, we take immense pride in creating roofing projects that are not just protective but also aesthetically appealing. Our expert team of roofers ensures that each project is executed seamlessly and with meticulous attention to detail. Whether it's a new roof installation or a roof replacement, our work stands as a testament to our commitment to providing the best roofing solutions in Tampa Bay.

Free Storm Inspections for Homeowners:

We understand the anxiety that comes with Florida's unpredictable weather patterns. That's why we offer free storm inspections for homeowners. This service not only provides peace of mind but also helps identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems. Our commitment to preventive measures goes a long way in ensuring the safety and security of Tampa Bay residents.

Local and Family Owned:

Being a local and family-owned business means that JAC Builders has deep ties to the Tampa Bay community. We understand the unique roofing challenges homeowners face in this region, and we're fully equipped to address them effectively. Our presence in the community is not just as a service provider but as a neighbor, always ready to lend a helping hand when needed.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing:

In addition to our stellar reputation for quality work, JAC Builders offers competitive and transparent pricing. We believe that every homeowner deserves top-notch roofing services without breaking the bank. This commitment to affordability ensures that our services remain accessible to a wide range of homeowners in the Tampa Bay area.


In the heart of Tampa Bay, JAC Builders stands as a shining example of a local, family-centric company that has become an integral part of the community's culture. With our unwavering commitment to quality, community involvement, and reliable roofing services, we've earned the trust of Tampa Bay residents.

Whether it's through beautiful roofing projects, free storm inspections, or our active participation in community events, JAC Builders continues to be a pillar of support for the Greater Tampa Bay community, one roof at a time.

When you're looking for the best roofing contractor in Tampa, think of JAC Builders. We're here to offer you the finest roof replacement, free roof inspections, and top-quality roofing solutions. Trust us to safeguard your home and family from Florida's weather challenges.

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